Vitamin C For Anti-Aging

Jax and Rose- Vitamin C For Anti -Aging

Let’s be honest, skin care and trying to find an anti-aging regimen can be overwhelming. You are constantly being told you need 879 different things to be used daily to help prevent fine lines, reduce wrinkles, keep skin tight, reduce eye bags etc…all while articles and Youtube videos are contradicting one another. After years of working in cosmetics and aesthetics, I have learned how crucial Vitamin C serums are to the anti-aging process. I have also come to realize most women don’t really understand what this miracle serum does or why it’s so important. I’m here to break it down for you!

What Does Vitamin C Do Exactly?

Vitamin C is an antioxidant. What that means for your skin is that these antioxidants help protect your skin cells from being damaged by free radicals via UV exposure. It also helps promote melanin in the skin to reduce age spots, sun spots, scars, hyperpigmentation and to even out your skin tone. When the acidity is applied to the skin, it triggers a healing response. This helps with cell regeneration and the production of collagen and elastin. 

Also, Vitamin C gives my skin a radiance and glow that I really don’t get from any other type of serum. Additionally, I struggle with melasma (women who have melasma know how real that struggle is) and a good Vitamin C serum can really help reduce active melasma.

Can You Get The Same Benefit By Ingesting Vitamin C?

Ingesting Vitamin C has many, but different health benefits. Vitamin C serums need to be applied topically to the skin to receive all the benefits listed above.

Can You Use Vitamin C With Other Products?

Absolutely! Vitamin C can be mixed with your other skin care products. However, if you are using a retinol or retina, I would consult with your dermatologist before adding in a Vitamin C serum. If you are adding in a Vitamin C with a retina/retinol, then you need to wait about 30-60 minutes in between the application of these serums. For those of you with sensitive skin, the acidity in Vitamin C can potentially be irritating or drying to the skin when you first start using it. Slowly start incorporating it into your skin care routine to prevent this.

When Do You Apply Vitamin C?

I use my Vitamin C everyday! I like to apply my Vitamin C in the morning, as it gives my skin cells UV protection. Apply your Vitamin C serum before applying any moisturizers or sunscreen. You want the serum to penetrate your skin before applying a heavier barrier of product. 

Storing Your Vitamin C

Vitamin C is notorious for oxidizing or breaking down when exposed to light or air. It’s best to store your serum in a dark cabinet and keep a close eye on expiration dates.

Choosing A Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C can be called many different names on the label. The ingredient you want to look for is “L-ascorbic” acid.  This ingredient should be towards the top of the ingredients list on the bottle. Also, check that the Vitamin C concentration is 10% or higher. 

Here are the Vitamin C products I recommend! 

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