Here is a list of my go-to gift ideas for your best girlfriends.

Like most of you, I have a hectic schedule and am usually running from one thing to the next. Sometimes this consists of running late to a girlfriends birthday dinner. I LOVE giving gifts and picking out the most perfect “outside of the box” gift for a girlfriend, however considering I have forgotten to put  my electricity bill on auto pay and have came home 3 times this year with no electricity due to not payment LOL- I have my plate a bit full. I have a few go to gifts on deck that I use when it’s crunch time.  I am a huge fan of gift baskets filled with fun goodies. They are fun to create and always well received!

1. Eataly Gift Basket 

Eataly is a large footprint Italian market place. They are located in New York and LA, however they have lots of goodies you can order on their website. Eataly is filled with gourmet Italian food, deserts, and a ton of cooking tools used to make Ravioli, Gnocchi etc…. I love putting together a gift basket that I like to call “ A Taste of Italy” so that my girlfriends can make an authentic Italian meal at home. I usually add in a bottle of olive oil ( there are million bottles in store so you can ask an employee for a recommendation of one that is in your budget), black truffle sauce that makes any dish taste like you are eating street side in Florence, a box of authentic homemade pasta, a balsamic glaze that can be used to drizzle over tomatoes and mozzarella, and some Italian cookies for desert. I like to throw in a bottle of Aperol so they can make an Aperol Spritz to go with their meal. If you have been to Italy you know that they drink Aperol just as much as they drink water.  I also try to find something in their “gifting” section to add in that either can be an Italian cookbook, an Italian apron, or some cooking utensils. My girlfriends always go nuts over these Italian gift baskets! For you girls who do not live in New York or LA, you can order all these goodies online! 

2. Gift Card to Dry Bar 

There is nothing better than a fresh blow out! Also when I get a good blow out, it lasts for a few days. Getting a blow out at Dry Bar is such a nice experience. They bring you a coffee or glass of wine, and usually are playing some iconic chic flick like “Clueless” or “ Dirty Dancing”.  I feel like getting a blow out is something most women want to do for a birthday dinner, night out with the girls, or date night, however don’t always want to spend the $45-$50 to do so. This is such a great gift for a girlfriend or co worker. It’s affordable and something every woman will use at some point!

3. Self Care Gift Basket 

I told you a love a good gift basket! One of my favorite gifts to give is a “Sunday Self Care” gift basket filled with goodies that can be used for a nice day or evening of self love and self care. Here below are the treats I usually add in. It’s also nice because you can order all these on amazon prime so you don’t need to be rushing from store to store trying to put together the ideal gift basket. I also like to throw in either some good magazines, some yummy chocolates or a bottle of wine! 

4. Activity 

I love giving a gift to a friend that involves some kind of activity. My go to is usually a cooking class. I love the cooking classes at Sur Le Table or Eataly. The are such a fun thing to do with a friend and usually are pretty affordable.

5. Wine wine and more wine 

This is such an easy gift when it’s last minute and you need something fast. A friend gave this to me a while ago and I loved it!  I went online and picked out my favorite bottles of wine and had it delivered right to my door. You can set up a gift card online and email it to a friend and BOOM done. Who doesn’t love some free wine??? I sure do.

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