Summer Beauty Hacks I'm Loving- Jax and Rose

We are moving into summer months which for me means sun kissed skin, air dried hair, less makeup and margaritas become the new main source of hydration. There are a few summer beauty hacks I am loving already and I know I will be using all summer. Here in Los Angeles, summer means until the end of October unfortunately.

Faux Freckles For Summer

Faux Freckles

I know it’s summer when the little freckles on my nose start to appear. I used to hate them and now I absolutely love them. I mean freckles are trending now! However when I put on makeup, it completely covers up the freckles I have come to love. I also kept seeing all these girls on instagram with the cutest freckles perfectly placed all over their face. Then I came to learn they were using the Freck pen. This little pen lets you draw on freckles that look so real. I like to use it on the freckles that were covered up by my foundation on my nose, and then draw on faux freckles along my cheeks. It’s such a fun summer beauty hack and who doesn’t want a nice tan and freckles!

Best Sunscreens For Summer


These have become one of my favorite products that I end up using all year round. These SPF loose powders are not only giving your skin protection but also work great as a setting powder for your makeup. I just use a makeup brush and put a light layer on top of my makeup or on my bare skin. It’s also great because even if you have a full face of makeup on, you can easily re apply protection with these SPF powders while keeping your makeup looking fresh.

Beachy Waves For Summer

Beach Wave Spray

If you live in LA, you know how hot it gets here in the summer. The last thing I am able to do is stand under a hair dryer in the bathroom for 30 minutes in a full body sweat while I blowdry my hair. I have become obsessed with wave sprays. There are two ways I love to use it. I will spray it throughout my hair after the shower when my hair is still wet, and then put my hair into two loose braids. With the mix of the wave spray and letting my hair dry in the braids, I am left with soft textured waves that look super natural. I will also use wave spray on dry hair to re-create waves that look like you just spent the day at the beach and left with effortless salty waves.

Waterproof Mascara For Your Summer Beauty Hacks

Waterproof Mascara

One of the things I hate most, besides folding laundry, are those dark circles that appear under your eyes when your mascara starts to bleed. When we are out and about in the heat, our mascara tends to bleed more easily as we start to sweat or glisten if you will. I will either apply fully waterproof mascara or apply my regular mascara but put a layer or two of waterproof mascara on top to act as a shield. As my eyes are pretty sensitive, some waterproof mascaras bother my eyes for some reason, but using a layer or two on top of my regular mascara does the trick.

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