Products I Use When Breaking Out- Jax and Rose

My skincare journey has been anything but easy. A journey that involved horrific cystic adult acne throughout my 20’s. It took many doctors, dermatologists, thousands of dollars spent on skincare products and finally a medication called Accutane to get it under control. Accutane did eventually cure the cystic acne however my skin just always seemed to have an attitude problem.

I get asked constantly for recommendations for skincare products from you women who also struggle with adult acne. Unfortunately when it comes to acne prone skin, a product that works miracles on my skin could potentially make another person break out and visa versa. However after spending over 6 years working in the skincare and cosmetic industry, I can say these groups of products have continued to not only work wonders for my skin but for most friends and family I have recommended these to as well. 

Some of these products mentioned below might be a tad stronger than the daily products you might be using. I suggest following the instructions on the bottle which usually involve using some serums only 2-4 times a week. Most of these are not meant to be used every night. Also when incorporating a stronger serum like a Glysal, Benzoyl or Salsylic into my routine, I will start by only using the product every 2-3 days or so to make sure the product does not irritate or dry out my skin too harshly. If you have not used products like Glysal, Benzoyl or Salsylic before, it is very normal for your skin to be a bit more dry than normal after using so you might want to give your skin some extra hydration. 



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