Jackie Miller botox

To botox or not to botox? This seems to be the oh so touchy subject that most women are uncomfortable talking about or admitting too. After years of working in the cosmetic industry mostly with a plastic surgeon, I have come to understand that most people have the completely wrong idea about what botox does, how it works and that getting botox does not mean you are going to walk out of the office looking like an overdone Beverly Hills housewife whose face is half frozen to death.

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At-Home Blowout Breakdown

Jax and Rose At Home Blowout

There were times where I actually felt like throwing the hairdryer across the room, or just shaving my head once the round hairbrush got tangled in my hair for the 87th time. After some trial and error, though, I now can style my hair myself for those special nights out, birthday dinners, events etc

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