Items Getting Me Through Quarantine- Jax and Rose

By now it feels like we have been social distancing since the 90’s. We have lost all track of time and all we do know is that we will be staying in doors for at least another month. Over the last few weeks I found some key items that really have helped improve my “social distancing” experience. It truly is crazy how this whole situation has made me realize how much I appreciate the small things right now. For example lighting a candle, listening to an uplifting playlist, cozy slippers etc… I guess when you are spending days on end at home without much connection or activity, those simple things bring such happiness and comfort. I have put together a list of those items and tried to make all options budget friendly. I hope some of these items help bring you some joy during these crazy times! 

Top Picks

First are some home and beauty items. Everything from tools to get rid of my mustache thats coming in, the only hand lotion I swear by,  a bluetooth speaker I put in the kitchen so I can listen to an uplifting playlist while I cook, or an Essential Oil Diffuser that has my whole apartment smelling of lavender which brings so much relaxation and comfort. Here are my current must haves!

Keeping It Cozy

For now, denim is something of the past. Our current wardrobes most likely consist of cozy sweats, legging and slippers. I like to get somewhat “dressed” for the day as I feel like it is key for our mindset to not stay in pajamas all day. However I find throwing on some kind of cute loungewear still keeps me cozy and comfortable, but makes me feel like I put myself “together”. 

All About Tie Dye

I have to say it took me a second to get on board with the tie dye trend. Now I admit I am fully obsessed and my tie dye collection is growing rapidly. There is just something so fun about wearing a cute colorful set and yeah…i’m here for it. My boyfriend on the other hand is not.

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