Here are some of my favorite tips and tricks on how to keep your hair looking healthy.

I had wanted to go blonde for years, however, I was so worried that when I finally took the plunge, it would damage my hair so badly and I would live a life full of regret and have hair that resembled something you sweep your hardwood floors with. Yes, that might be a tad dramatic, but have you met me? If you haven’t, my mom will be more than happy to tell you about when I decided to cut my hair short in high school, and then hated it so much I cried every single day for a month and was absolutely sure my life was over and I had no reason to live. So yes….I take my hair seriously. Here below are my tricks!

Dry Shampoo is my best friend

I try to only wash my hair twice a week at the most. When my hair air drys- I sometimes resemble a poodle that might have just been electrocuted. So washing my hair then requires a lot of heat and styling tools, which if done everyday would take a toll. Using a good dry shampoo allows me to go 3-4 days without washing. I love the Dry Bar “Detox Dry Shampoo” , Ouai Dry Shampoo and IGK’s “Jet Lag Invisible Dry Shampoo”. 

Slumber Party with Olaplex

I try to do a conditioning treatment once a week. Olaplex No. 3 is one of my all-time favorites and a lifeline for me at this point. I apply Olaplex No.3 onto dry dirty hair before bed, wrap my hair in a bun and wash the following day. The Olaplex helps repair hair health, heal damage from heat and color, and helps boost and strengthen hair. 


My hair colorist, Liz Jung at Meche Salon, is my hair fairy godmother. She gives me more of a balayage and does not bring the color all the way to my root. I have her give me a more natural blend throughout my hair so that I can go months without having to come in for color. I do have a lot of hair, however, my hair is delicate and could never handle color every 6-8 weeks, and we don’t want a hair crisis similar to the one mentioned above from my high school years.

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